Car Accident in Lawrenceville

Car Accident in Lawrenceville GA

It does not matter if the car accident results in a major or minor damage to the vehicles involved or what the speed is at the time of the collision, the driver and/or passenger may still be injured. Not all injuries are noticed immediately or are visible. Some “minor” car accident injuries can have symptoms such as slight soreness, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, etc… However, these symptoms can indicate a more serious health condition that can lead to chronic pain and suffering if not treated promptly and properly.

Neck injury or whiplash is the most common injury in car accidents even at the slowest speed. When the vehicle comes to a sudden halt during a collision, the seatbelt prevents the body from moving forward. As a result, the neck and head tend to snap forward then back or side to side in response. This sudden movement can distort the normal curve within the neck, damage spinal discs and cause tearing to the muscles and/or ligaments surrounding the neck. Most of the above damage to the neck is not visible and cannot be detected without proper examination from a doctor and the aid of MRI or X-ray imaging. Most patients only feel soreness and slight achiness but often times no immediate pain is felt at all after the accident due to the adrenaline secreted within to the body. A commonmistake that individuals make is to ignore the body and fail to get the proper medical examinations needed to ensure everything is functioning properly. Those individuals will most likely suffer from re-occurring and worsening pain throughout their lives. As matter of fact, 10-15% of the individuals who are involved in a car accident today will file for medical disability within 10 years due to chronic pain and suffering.

It is extremely important to seek a doctor as soon as possible for an assessment even if the individual does not feel injured. Refusing medical help after an accident can lead the body to heal improperly and may result in permanent damage. In addition, if there is a legal claim made for the accident, the doctor’s evaluation is crucial in order to get an appropriate settlement from the insurance company.

How Can Chiropractic Help?
Chiropractic care has been proven to relieve pain effectively and also speeds up the body’s healing process with lasting results. Our treatment method is natural, gentle, and non-invasive. Our mission is not to mask the symptoms such as pain with medications, but rather treat the cause of the problem. With safe and painless chiropractic adjustments, we can help restore normal function to the spine and enable the soft tissues to heal appropriately. It is our main priority to get all patients through both the physical and emotional trauma from an accident as soon as possible. Our expert chiropractic team is skilled in treating auto injuries and helps lead patients back to the road of health.

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